Cyprus: Low pressure front to bring colder weather

The weather in Cyprus is changing from today with the Meteorological Service issuing a Yellow Warning.

The Director of Meteorology explained that the island will see rain and dust in the coming hours as a low barometric system blankets Cyprus.

“There will be a strong east wind today. Temperatures today will be above normal for the season. It will rise to 22 to 23 degrees and to 13 in the mountains. From the afternoon we will have local rains and dust”, Nikolaidis noted.

‘From tomorrow we will have rain and local storms but also snowfall in Troodos. We will also have snowfall in areas of the higher mountains,’ he added.

Last Sunday heavy rains in the Larnaca district created problems in several communities, after flooding several roads, blocking drains and sewers.

Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, said “the large amount of rain (36ml) in a short period of time resulted in problems on the road network without fortunately causing damage.”