Lebanon signs deal to buy electricity from Jordan via Syria

Lebanon and Jordan on Wednesday signed an agreement that Jordan would supply Lebanon with electricity through Syria, the National News Agency reported.

“We will secure 250 megawatts of electricity from Jordan with support from our Syrian brothers. We count on this joint Arab action to expand cooperation between Arab countries,” Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayad said during a signing ceremony held at the Ministry of Energy in the capital Beirut.

Fayad added that he is approaching the World Bank for financing for the deal which will require around two months.

For his part, Jordanian Energy Minister Saleh al-Kharabsheh said the deal is important as it strengthens communication and cooperation between Arab countries.

“We are committed to cooperating with each other for the benefit and interest of all,” he added.

The Jordanian minister noted that this contract opens the door to cooperation in other fields.

The agreement comes as part of a wider government effort to alleviate the severe power shortage in Lebanon, aiming to elevate the daily state electricity provision from just two hours now in most parts of the country to about eight hours.

The Lebanese government is also preparing to sign an agreement later this year to import gas from Egypt through the Arab Gas Pipeline to boost Lebanon’s electricity output. ■