Hitler’s god daughter Edda dies, aged 80

IT HAS emerged that Edda Goring, the God-daughter of Adolf Hitler and daughter of Air Marshal Hermann Goring, has died at the age of 80.

She has been interned in an unmarked grave in the Bavarian capital, according to local news sources. Goring, who defended her father’s legacy for the rest of her life, died December 21 in Munich.

Her christening at five-months-old in November 1938, was a national event. It took place at Karinhall, her father’s country home in Schorfheide, north of Berlin.

Hitler was present as godfather.

The ceremony was performed by the German Primate, Reich Bishop Muller, whose authority was denied by a large section of the German Evangelical Church.

He remained however on friendly terms with Field-Marshal and Frau Goering, at whose wedding he officiated. To celebrate the occasion several hundred outfits of baby clothes were presented by the Goring family to poor German families after Edda’s christening.