Books: Hitler’s Home Front: Life in Nazi Germany during World War Two

Hitler's Home Front: Life in Nazi Germany during World War Two

Hitler’s Home Front provides a compelling and comprehensive year-by-year account of ordinary life in wartime Germany, chronicling how the population tried to find normality during an unprecedented emergency.

Drawing on a multitude of sources, this book spans from the mundane to the momentous, such as how people coped with rationing, crime, travel restrictions, bombing, and how civilian morale fluctuated as the war rapidly turned against the Nazis.

The official newspapers of those years – including Das Reich, Völkischer Beobachter, and Der Angriff – show how the public learned about the successes and failures of their nation at war.

As well as drawing on the vast archives of German newspapers, police reports, and diaries of the public and politicians – period speeches, private unpublished letters, broadcasts, Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels and witness accounts help to build a picture of daily living in Nazi Germany.

From reaction to the dramatic events on the Eastern Front to the domestic difficulties of cooking with synthetic foods, life on the German home front is richly documented.

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