Croatian police pick up migrants on mountain

Croatian police found 15 illegal migrants in a mountainous area in central Croatia and saved a pregnant woman who was in serious condition.

The group illegally entered Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina through the snow-covered Pljesevica Mountain. The pregnant woman was sent to the nearest hospital in Gospic.

Thousands of migrants are stationed in Bosnia and Herzegovina from where they try to illegally cross the border and enter Croatia, a European Union (EU) member. It’s a part of the so-called Balkan Route that has become very active in recent months. In January this year, Croatian police rescued 15 migrants from freezing weather on the same mountain.

Earlier this month, Amnesty International accused Croatian police of violence against migrants, calling it “a deliberate practice by authorities designed to deter and discourage future attempts to enter the country.”

Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic dismissed the accusation, saying the police were only protecting the border within the bounds of the national and EU laws.