Albania looks toward EU membership, confident of talks

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has voiced confidence that the country would get a positive recommendation from the European Commission buying viagra with no prescription to start accession talks with the European Union (EU) in June.

“Albania has made clear progress and the European Commission Progress Report at the end of May will recommend the opening of the negotiations for the country,” Rama told Albanian lawmakers.

Rama noted that Albania has fulfilled all the conditions required by the EU.

However, according to Rama, the decision to be taken is also influenced by the domestic dynamics of the EU member states.

At the plenary session of parliament, the lawmakers approved with 86 votes in favor the Report on the Progress of Albania’s EU viagra pills australia Integration Process for 2018.

Albania was given EU candidate country status in 2014.

Last June, the EU decided that membership talks with Albania and North Macedonia may open if the two countries continue with the progress of reform.