Brexit: UK PM to face unprecedented vote of no confidence from grassroots Conservatives

Prime Minister Theresa May is to face an unprecedented vote of no confidence in her leadership, another one since December, from her grassroots supporters within the Conservative Party in an attempt to oust her over her handling of Brexit, British media reported on Monday.

According to the BBC, more than 70 bosses of local Conservative associations have signed a petition calling for an extraordinary general meeting, with May’s position at the top of the agenda.

They have called for an extraordinary general meeting of the National Conservative Convention to discuss the prime minister’s leadership of the party, according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

A non-binding vote is expected to be held at the meeting, which would, if it showed a lack of confidence, put pressure on the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs to find a way of forcibly removing the prime minister from office, the Evening Standard newspaper said.

More than 800 of the party’s most senior members, including the heads of the local associations, will take part in the vote, said the London-based newspaper.

Despite coming under fire, the prime minister survived a vote of confidence of her MPs in December.

Under party rules, a year has to pass before another vote could be called, but an extraordinary general meeting must be held if more than 65 local associations demand one in a petition.

It is believed to be the first time the procedure has been used.