Israeli researchers develop AI drone to destroy incendiary balloons

An Israeli research team developed an autonomous drone, based on artificial intelligence (AI), capable of detecting and destroying incendiary and explosive balloons, levitra discount walmart the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) reported on Monday.

The new technology may help Israel cope with buy cialis usa such balloons that have been launched since May 2018 from the Palestinian Gaza Strip to Israeli settlements near the border.

These helium-filled balloons, which are attached to means of combustion like burning rags, caused heavy damage to forests and agricultural fields in the area.

Some of buy brand name levitra made in usa the balloons are explosive, carrying various types of explosive devices, such as pipe bombs and fragmentation grenades.

The new AI drone can identify the balloons, follow them and blow them up with high efficiency and accuracy, using a front camera and an advanced algorithm.

The main advantage of this innovative technology is that it is based on a simple drone, at a cost of about 100 U.S. dollars, without the need for additional hardware components.