Economy on Greek voters minds as EU vote looms

Six out of ten Greeks (63 percent) will cast their votes in the upcoming European parliament elections with the economy on their mind, according to the results of an opinion poll released last night.

Only 22 percent of respondents in the survey carried out by polling firm Palmos Analysis for the news website “” said that they will go to the ballots on May 26 considering the future of the European Union.

Most will choose parties and candidates considering their personal finances and the state of the national economy to send a message to the government, they said.

Should the elections were held this weekend, the main opposition center-Right New Democracy (ND) party would win with 23.4 percent of votes and the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA would rank second with 17.5 percent, shows the results of the poll.

The centre-Left Movement of Change (KINAL) would follow with 6.2 percent of votes, the Greek Communist party KKE with 5.8 percent and the ultra-Right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) would receive 3.6 percent.

The 19.2 percent of respondents said that they still have not decided who are the parties and candidates they will vote for, while 5.1 percent said that they will abstain.

Regarding the criteria based on which they will choose the candidates for the European parliament, according to the survey, honesty and integrity are on the top with 35 percent.

Patriotism (32 percent) is another important quality voters are seeking in candidates, and high education follows with 27 percent.

Experience in international relations is the fourth most significant criterion (19 percent) and fighting spirit is also a plus for respondents (15 percent).