Israel permits Olympic athletes to resume training amid COVID-19

Olympic sports in Israel received government’s approval to return to training amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Sports announced on Friday.

The ministry said that the decision, made in coordination with the Ministry of Health, also includes the Paralympic and non-Olympic sports.

In the first step, the training will be in small groups, with hygiene guidelines and keeping distance between athletes.

Thus, the ministries have issued general restrictions and guidelines for all sports, as well as specific rules for each sport.

For example, gymnasts will be obliged to disinfect their hands and feet before training, while judo can only be practiced in permanent pairs.

Earlier this week, professional soccer teams in Israel received government’s approval to return to limited training.

“We are working to expand the number of athletes who will return to activity gradually, according to a detailed plan coordinated with the Ministry of Health,” said Israel’s Sports Minister Miri Regev.