EU opens antitrust investigation into power exchange EPEX Spot

The European Commission said Tuesday that it has opened an investigation into the possible anti-competitive behavior of the Paris-based power exchange EPEX Spot in the electricity intraday markets in at least six European Union (EU) member states.

The EPEX Spot is the biggest power exchange in several EU member states.

The Commission said in a statement that EPEX Spot may have taken advantage of its dominant position to restrict competition, more specifically by adopting behaviors aimed at foreclosing its competitors by curtailing the ability of their customers to access the entire liquidity of the intraday market.

If proven, the company’s behavior may constitute an exclusionary practice, in breach of the EU’s antitrust rules, the Commission said.

Intraday markets are the markets where sellers and buyers of electricity can trade power in the last hours before it is injected into the network.

The investigation will examine EPEX Spot’s business practices in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, according to the Commission.