Jordan King visits martyrs’ memorial, royal cemetery to mark state’s centenary

King Abdullah II of Jordan on Sunday visited the Martyrs’ Memorial and Royal Cemetery in memory of martyrs’ sacrifices and the successive kings’ contributions to the state on the occasion of the kingdom’s centenary.

The first government in Jordan was sworn in on April 11, 1921, marking the establishment of Transjordan under the leadership of Emir Abdullah I, which became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after declaring independence in 1946, according to a statement by the Royal Hashemite Court.

Upon arrival at the Martyrs’ Memorial, the King was welcomed by a 21-gun salute. He laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and recited verses from the Quran.

Also on Sunday, the King, accompanied by Crown Prince Hussein, Princes Hassan Bin Talal, Feisal Bin Al Hussein, Ali Bin Al Hussein, Hamza Bin Al Hussein, and other royal members, visited the Royal Cemetery to remember the successive kings’ role in the founding and progress of the state.