Citizens’ trust in Czech gov’t lowest in EU: survey

Czech people’s trust in their government is the lowest among the European Union (EU) member states, local media cited the European Commission’s latest Eurobarometer survey published on Monday.

According to the survey, the share of Czech citizens who trust the government has dropped from last year’s 40 percent to 19 percent today.

Meanwhile, Czechs’ trust in the EU has increased from 39 percent one year ago to 48 percent, which is a record-high rate since 2013.

Compared with the previous Eurobarometer survey results from February 2020, Czechs’ trust in their Parliament has also diminished from 25 percent to 15 percent, according to the Czech News Agency.

A large majority (68 percent) of Czechs consider the current coronavirus restrictions substantiated, but only 24 percent are satisfied with the way the Czech cabinet has applied the measures.

Czech people’s trust in the country’s economy has also sharply declined in the past year. At present, the economic situation is considered good by 30 percent, compared with 71 percent one year ago.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted on a sample of 1,100 citizens on Feb. 17-22.