Benin’s minister raises alert to serious security threat

Benin’s Minister of the Interior Sacca Lafia on Saturday warned of a destabilizing plan as a serious threat to the integrity of the country.

Lafia sounded the alarm in a statement here in the economic capital Cotonou, citing the seizures of batches of ammunitions in Benin as well as in neighboring Togo.

He recalled that on April 30, Benin’s police seized a batch of 70,000 cartridges of 12 mm calibre on board a vehicle.

The vehicle was involved in a traffic accident close to the Agbon village in Bante region in the center of the country, he said.

On the same day, the Togolese authorities said they seized 1,300 cartridges of 12 mm calibre concealed in furniture aboard a vehicle in the capital Lome, close to borders with Ghana.

“Among the passengers, there was a Beninese national who declared that the cartridges were acquired in Ghana and will be delivered in Benin,” Lafia said.

He said these seizures came after some public actors in Benin openly expressed their support for armed individuals responsible for the serious unrests during the presidential election in April.