Israel says Friday’s COVID-19 vaccines shipment to West Bank “totally normal”

Israeli Ministry of Health said on Saturday in a statement that Friday’s COVID-19 vaccines shipment to the Palestinian Authority was “totally normal.”

The statement came in response to the Palestinian announcement that it has quitted the agreement reached with Israel and Pfizer company on exchanging anti-coronavirus vaccines with Israel.

Under the agreement, Israel was to deliver to the West Bank 1 million to 1.4 million doses of vaccine that are about to expire, 100,000 of which were already transferred to the West Bank on Friday.

In exchange, Israel was supposed to regain the same amount of vaccines from Palestinian Authority during September-October.

However, after the first shipment was delivered, the Palestinian government announced its quit from the agreement, explaining that its health ministry’s specialists found out the vaccines received from Israel did not match the specifications.

In response, the Israeli health ministry said in the statement that the Palestinian ministry had received fine Pfizer vaccines, with expiry dates that were known, agreed upon, and consistent with the agreement.

“The vaccines given to the Palestinians are identical in every way to the vaccines currently being given to Israeli citizens,” the Israeli ministry noted.

“We hope that the Palestinian Authority’s vaccination campaign will begin soon,” it added.