Germany’s high-flyer Gosens outshines Ronaldo

The celebrations around Robin Gosens didn’t seem to end after his substitution in the Munich Arena after 62 minutes.

The man, having turned into Germany’s high-flyer, raised his fist towards the sky accompanied by songs of praise provided by supporters.

His two assists and one goal helped the struggling 2014 World Cup winners find their way back into the limelight. Unsurprisingly, the German was picked as the star of the match.

After Portugal and their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo were beaten 4-2, the 26-year-old met national and international media, answering their questions in different languages as he acted as an interpreter.

“I will never forget that evening in all my life. Can someone please pinch me? I can’t believe it,” the full-back stated after Germany won its first three points in Group F of Euro 2020.

A stunning year lies behind the son of a Dutch father and a German mother. He was first picked by German coach Joachim Low only one year ago, and since then has conquered fans’ hearts and earned his teammates’ respect due to his powerful runs along the left flank and his hunger for goals.

Flying below the radar of German football, Gosens was unknown to most German fans, having never played for or attended the academy of a German club.

“I only feel exotic because I went a different way to most of the others,” said Gosens, who plays in Italy for Atalanta. “The others give me the feeling of being one of them and they don’t see me differently.”

Joining the northern Italian side, his career went through the roof. In the last three seasons, Atalanta have reached the UEFA Champions League.

Gosens has developed into one of Serie A’s key attractions and featured in international headlines with his achievements.

“In no time, he has had a good connection with everyone in the team,” Low said. “He is a clear, structured character, stands for unstoppable determination, and is a brilliant communicator.”

Turning down a career to become a policeman, Gosens started to play for several teams in the Netherlands due to his dual nationality.

The full-back paid tribute to his current club coach Gian Piero Gasperini. “If there were any talents of that kind, he made them come to life,” Germany’s new hero said, adding that family, friends and his fiance sent their congratulations right after the game.

“My mobile seemed to explode, so I just put it away,” he said after dozens of messages reached him after the “game of his life.”

“If you score a goal for your country, it’s magic and somehow the next level in your career,” Gosens said. He is far from a team leader, he said, but added that he is the one to deliver emotions.