Over 4 mln Israelis receive booster jab of COVID-19 vaccine

The number of Israelis who have received the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine surpassed 4 million on Tuesday, the Israeli Ministry of Health said in a statement.

A total of 4,000,333 people in Israel, or 42.6 percent of the population, have received the third shot against the virus since the booster vaccination campaign was launched in Israel on Aug. 1.

“Today we know that the third dose is required to complete the immune defense, and many other countries also began giving it to their residents,” the ministry added.

More than 6.25 million people in Israel, or 66.5 percent of the population, have received the first dose of the vaccine, while more than 5.74 million got the second dose.

On Wednesday, an expert panel of the health ministry is expected to decide whether to recommend COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5 to 11.

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