Tuk-Tuk Tales

With much of Africa back on the dreaded red list, there hasn’t been much to smile about this week.

But in Kenya’s Kimana Sanctuary,  Josh, Jasper, Ivo and Robbie AKA the Tuk South crew, have been far removed from the Omicrom drama unfolding around the globe – enjoying the simple things in life …

Beautiful African sunsets, close encounters with elephants, falling into holes(maybe not so simple or enjoyable!), and cooking steaks over an open fire from the Tuk Tuk Kitchen… all against the backdrop of a snow-capped Kilimanjaro.

Kimana Sanctuary is owned by over 800 local Maasai and forms a vital corridor that links Amboseli National Park with the Chyulu Hills and Tsavo, providing wildlife with a safe passage between the reserves –  whilst also protecting the local community and their livestock.

Tuk South – Josh and Ivo appreciating the views of Kilimanjaro


The Tuk South crew is currently on a mission to drive their two 8HP Piaggio Tuk Tuks (AKA Sports tuk  and Buttercup) over 6000 kms from Kenya down to Cape Town, raising awareness of and funding for wildlife rangers. As poverty levels have soared due to the lack of tourism, so too has poaching.  Rangers across Africa have seen a drastic increase in their workload – despite many of them having their salaries slashed.

Tuk tukking for Wildlife Rangers

Tuk Tukking for Wildlife Rangers


They will be travelling through seven countries and sharing their adventures on social media as they go. These stories will form the backbone of a documentary they aim to make on Covid’s impact on conservation.

There are a number of ways you can show support – but if you enjoy a laugh, follow their adventures on TikTok or their other social platforms for your Africa fix…

The crew is keen to spread their story far and wide in order to raise more funds – and are open to writing blogs or doing interviews from the frontline.

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