Israel sets up AI healthcare center to improve treatment accuracy

The Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) on Tuesday announced the establishment of a new healthcare center, which aims at improving diagnosis and medical treatment with artificial intelligence (AI).

The Center for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (CAIH) was jointly set up by the Technion and the Rambam Health Care Campus, both located in the northern city of Haifa.

The CAIH, the first joint academic-hospital center in Israel, will develop advanced artificial intelligence systems to analyze a patient’s condition, according to the Technion.

The center will focus on developing tools that help physicians select, in real time, the most appropriate and accurate medical treatment for a patient.

These tools will be based on a complex and rapid analysis of all the relevant medical information that has accumulated in big medical databases over the years.

The CAIH will initially run three flagship projects in the areas of cardiology, intensive care, and bone marrow transplants.

In the second phase, it will initiate and support new joint Technion-Rambam research projects.

The center will serve as a significant collaborative platform that will connect doctors, researchers, scientists and engineers, with the aim of promoting diagnosis and medical treatment through artificial intelligence, the Technion added. ■

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