Weather halts dredging effort on ‘Ever Forward’

The dredging operation to free the container ship Ever Forward grounded in the Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the United States was suspended due to weather conditions on Saturday.

William Doyle, executive director of the Port of Baltimore in the state of Maryland, tweeted that the dredging operation is expected to resume on Sunday.

Scattered showers arrived on Saturday afternoon in Maryland, along with a few thunderstorms.

The Ever Forward, carrying nearly 5,000 containers, became stranded on March 13 after departing the Port of Baltimore for Norfolk, Virginia.

The vessel’s location is just off Gibson Island near the Craighill channel in the Chesapeake Bay. According to VesselFinder, it remains “aground” as of Saturday evening.

The Ever Forward is operated by Evergreen Marine Corp., whose Ever Given got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal in March 2021, blocking the waterway for days and causing delays in global shipping. ■

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