UN push for Lebanon to rebuild school system

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon Najat Rochdi on Saturday urged the Lebanese government to work to rebuild the country’s education system.

“For the future of Lebanon and its children, it is critical that the Lebanese government and all stakeholders work together to rebuild the education system,” Rochdi said in a statement, noting that UN agencies have provided significant support.

“We are aware of the difficult situation that teachers are facing and are supporting the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in improving the conditions in schools for both teachers and children,” she said.

Together with the UNICEF, and with the help of EU and German funding, the UN mission in Lebanon is supporting 336,000 Lebanese children and some 198,000 non-Lebanese to enroll in formal public school, said the UN official.

Lebanon has been facing an unprecedented financial crisis with a collapse in the local currency, plunging over 74 percent of the population into poverty. ■

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