Easy going Forsberg is lifting Leipzig’s spirits

Emil Forsberg appears to be enjoying his life as a footballer more than ever in his career.

“What can I say? It’s perfect; it feels perfect and we can win titles. Can’t imagine something better,” the 30-year-old said ahead of his club’s first leg semi-final in the Euro League against the Glasgow Rangers this Thursday.

Things have developed for the Swede lately.

“The Euro League; the German Cup – it feels great to have that many opportunities,” he said, mentioning his side’s third goal is to get a Champions League qualification spot in the national league.

It somehow feels like a late harvest, he says with a wink in his eye. “I am not that old, but I am 30. And with my contract extension until 2025 somehow easiness came along.”

It might sound wired, he added, but this season he seems to have settled in Leipzig despite being around for seven years already. “My family is feeling well; we play a great football and doors seem wide open to gain some silverware,” the striker said.

After a fantastic 2020 European Championships, Forsberg was awarded Swedish footballer of the year 2021.

“I don’t see me playing anywhere else. It might come with the years that you calm down and enjoy creating title options. At a younger age you much live the moment,” he said.

The entire “Forsberg package” is near complete, he says. “There don’t seem any age borders anymore. I might play until 40, just like Zlatan,” he is adding.

Having scored an important goal such as the winner against Union Berlin in the German Cup semi-final is triggering additional energy. Now league rival Freiburg is waiting in the German Cup final on May 21 in Berlin.

As a side effect, Leipzig’s team gained a valuable amount of self-confidence.

The latest upswing in the national league and international competitions makes the club talk about wanting to continue the way in the Euro League and reach the final.

With trophies within reach, “you start thinking about, how it feels to lift them.”

After two lost finals in the German Cup against Dortmund and Bayern, Leipzig seems determined to turn things in their favor this time.

When it comes to the Euro League semis, the German club feels ready to face a passionate Scottish team.

To possibly play a German final against Eintracht Frankfurt seems to increase the excitement. Frankfurt is facing West Ham in the last-four round.

“We are aware it takes the next steps against the Rangers to kick the can down the road,” Forsberg said. When it comes to passion and determination, the Glasgow side is a role model for all others, he is adding.

It might take perfect 90 minutes this Thursday against Glasgow with the second leg still to follow. Forsberg admits, he is full of joy thinking about the upcoming duels.

Everybody in his squad is entirely focused, he says. “We see the excitement all around the club; the fans; the staff; us. This tells you to invest all you have when on the pitch.” ■

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