Bulgaria-Greece gas interconnector to be completed in June: PM

Visiting Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said here on Friday that the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece will be completed by June 30.

“I am convinced that in June the works will be physically completed,” Petkov told a joint press conference with his Romanian counterpart Nicolae Ciuca after their official meeting.

Ciuca said that “we will have gas on this interconnector,” most likely this autumn, following a period of testing and verification after the pipeline, which is expected to break the monopoly of Russian gas on the Bulgarian market, is constructed.

“It is important through both quantity, as well as for the possibility of ensuring the traffic of gas from both South-to-North, as well as from North-to-South,” he said.

Ciuca noted that the interruption of gas supply from Russia is a problem that affects not only Romania and Bulgaria, but other countries in the region and in Europe.

A regional meeting of energy ministers has been scheduled for May 5 in Sofia, which will include ministers from Azerbaijan and Turkey, countries that have the potential to secure gas supplies, according to Ciuca.

The Russian gas supplier Gazprom announced earlier Wednesday that it was fully stopping its gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria, due to the two European Union member states’ “failure to pay in rubles.” ■

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