Finland’s ruling Social Democratic Party backs NATO application

The Party Council of the leading Finnish Social Democratic Party on Saturday endorsed the plan for making Finland a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Party Council is the party’s highest decision-making body between party conventions, which are held every two years.

Joining NATO was backed by 53 members, while five voted against and two blank, the Council chair Sirpa Paatero told the media.

Party chair, Prime Minister Sanna Marin had on Thursday announced her support for Finland going to NATO in a joint statement with President Sauli Niinisto.

Also, the parliamentary group of the Social Democrats on Saturday expressed support for the would-be Finnish membership in NATO.

According to media reports, two of the party’s 40 Members of Parliament are expected to vote against it in the parliamentary plenary.

Following the official decision by the social democrats, only the Left Alliance, out of the major parties in Finland, has not taken a decision in favor of NATO. ■