Three Slovenian center-left parties ink coalition agreement before forming new government

Three Slovenian centre-left parties inked a coalition agreement on Saturday that will enable them to form the new government in the coming weeks.

The Freedom Movement (FM), which celebrated a landslide victory at the April 24 general election, clinching 41 out of 90 seats in parliament, formed a coalition with the Social Democrats (SD), who hold seven seats, and the Left with five seats. The coalition will form a government that will be led by Robert Golob, who is the head of the FM.

The FM expects the new government to be in place by June 3, replacing the outgoing center-right government of Prime Minister Janez Jansa.

“We are joining the new government with a slogan: Slovenia at the heart of Europe, strong economy for social welfare of everyone and harmonious regional development,” Tanja Fajon, the head of the SD, said in a statement after inking the coalition agreement.

According to the coalition agreement the new government will aim to increase the minimum wage and the minimum pension, reform the pension system to make it sustainable in the long-term, ensure independence of the judiciary system and enable decentralisation of the state. They also plan to increase the efficiency of the public health system and design a strategy to fight a possible next wave of the COVID-19 epidemic. ■