Cameroon overhauls military strategy to curb rising insecurity in Adamawa region

Cameroon is overhauling its military strategy against insecurity in the mountainous region of Adamawa after renewed deadly attacks in the region, the country’s defense minister Joseph Beti Assomo has said.

“We have taken appropriate measures and prescribed adjustments to the actions of the defence and security forces to better ensure security of people and property,” Assomo said after meeting with top military officials in the region.

The defense minister flew to the region following rampant cross-border criminality, kidnapping for ransom, cattle theft, and illegal exploitation of resources.

He said troops were on the alert to secure the region and restore peace and stability.

Fleeing rebels from the neighboring Central African Republic regularly cross over to the region to kill and abduct civilians for ransom, according to security reports.

Troops were particularly in search of a serial killer who has “killed so many civilians” and continued to terrorize villagers in the region, officials told reporters in Adamawa regional chief town of Ngaoundere where the meeting took place. ■