Eirewave’s new show, The Backstage Pass set to debut

Did you know that the song ‘One’ by U2 was originally 2 songs, that Sting wrote ‘Walking On The Moon’ whilst suffering a strong hangover, and that China Girl by David Bowie is a song about an impossible love with the wife of a French singer?
Welcome to Eirewave’s new show, “The Backstage Pass” with Peter Kirkpatrick. Every Saturday at 10 am, Peter takes you behind the scenes of Eirewave’s favourite hits, discovering exclusive anecdotes and revealing the stories behind the greatest British and Irish songs.
“The Backstage Pass” is a program designed from numerous testimonies and interviews carried out over the years, with the desire to share great musical emotions. For listeners who miss out, it is also available off the airwaves as a podcast on Eirewave’s platforms and website.
Peter Kirkpatrick is a radio fanatic based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. In 1976 Peter bumped into Rod Stewart. He was working in a camera shop on King’s Road, Chelsea, when Stewart walked by, heading to the shop next door. To Peter’s surprise, the Stewart stopped to chat, and the pair shared a few words about a mutual love – music. Little did Peter know that in a few years’ time, such discussions would be part of his day job when he found himself working in Pinewood Studios, chatting with artists and collecting great stories.
25 years later, Peter tried his hand at community radio for the first time, and a new love was born for radio. His passion has remained with him to this day, and he is now “one of the goldsmiths of radio” and a real rock encyclopedia.
Discussing his new show, Peter Kirkpatrick said: “Each week, on Backstage Pass, I give a ‘nod and a wink’ to a story behind a song, giving a brief insight into how a song was recorded, or nearly not, as the case may be.”
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