Finland: As winter approaches, Finns attempt to save energy

The national energy saving campaign, ‘Down a degree’, starts today in Finland. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused a difficult energy situation in all of Europe. Saving energy is a quick and effective way to relieve the energy crisis and save money.  

According to the government, nearly nine out of ten Finnish people reported saving energy, according to a Citizens’ Pulse survey published in September.

Recent data from the main grid operator Fingrid show that electricity consumption fell by seven per cent in September compared with the same month a year ago.

“Finnish people have really started to save energy on a broad front and the results speak for themselves. However, winter is only just coming, so more effort will be needed from all,” says Kati Laakso, Director of Communications at Motiva.

The ‘Down a degree’ campaign launched today encourages people, companies and other organisations to save energy through everyday actions. The updated goal of the campaign is to persuade at least 95 per cent of Finnish households to save energy and to lower the demand for electricity during peak times. The long-term objective is to achieve a permanent reduction in energy consumption.

isers on the campaign website.

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