Iran: Israeli Mossad man arrested, accused of planning sabotage

Iran has arrested an individual accused of spying for Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad in the southeastern province of Kerman, semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted a senior provincial judiciary official on Tuesday.

The individual, who intended to perpetrate acts of sabotage and compromise security in the province, was arrested by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s intelligence forces, Ebrahim Hamidi, Kerman’s prosecutor general was quoted as saying.

He said the “spy” was identified and arrested in a raid following extensive technical and intelligence measures by the country’s security forces.

Hamidi noted that the individual had been carrying out activities in the province in the guise of a businessman, and had taken several trips to different countries, with the last one to a neighboring country, aiming to transfer intelligence and provide training for acts of sabotage in Iran.

The prosecutor said using cyberspace and coded software, the individual had contacted Israeli organizations as well as military and intelligence institutions before being arrested by the IRGC.

The person was about to leave Iran for a country in the region when arrested. ■

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