Trial of Brit who killed his sick wife in Cyprus postponed

Janice and David Hunter had been together for 56 years

The ongoing murder trial of a British man who killed his sick wife has been delayed for a fifth time to allow more time for a reduced charge to be discussed.

The trial is taking place at Paphos District Court in Western Cyprus.

Pensioner David Hunter admitted killing his wife of 56 years, Janice, in December, but his legal team argued it was an assisted suicide, not murder.

Janice had been suffering from leukaemia.

An alternative charge of manslaughter may be considered at the next court session due to be held on 18 November.

Hunter, 75, attempted to take his own life after his wife died and spent several weeks in intensive care.

His lawyers say he is in poor health and had been suffering from terminal blood cancer.

Earlier this year, the couple’s daughter, Lesley, launched an online fundraising campaign to raise money for her father’s defence. “My dad devoted himself to caring for my mum,” she said back in February.

The couple lived in Tremithousa.

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