Maritime Cyprus 2022 conference wraps up, event hailed as success

The Maritime Cyprus 2022 conference – attended by 900 shipping professionals from around the world –  has wrapped up in Limassol.

On the final day, there were various panels including a discussion on the topic of renewables as reliable, affordable, and sustainable sources of energy.

Commenting on the power of data in shipping, Anders Hvid, Co-founder, DareDisrupt, said “The green transformation is the biggest challenge we have ever faced, and digitalization is a mighty, powerful tool we can use to solve it.”

In another panel, titled “Is Seafarers’ welfare and rights in jeopardy? Captain Andrzej Lasota focused on the non-criminalization of seafarers by giving a heartfelt account of his personal experiences, which involved himself being unjustly prosecuted and jailed for two years for a narcotics case.

He called for ongoing discussion around, and development of legislation relating to, seafarer rights.

In the final panel, the question of how shipping is presenting itself to the general public was discussed in detail. The Ever Given’s obstruction of the Suez Canal in 2021 was cited as an example.

In March 2021, the vessel blocked for six days after grounding. The 400-metre-long vessel was buffeted by strong winds on the morning of 23 March, and ended up wedged across the waterway with its bow and stern stuck in the canal banks, blocking all traffic until it could be freed.

Opening the conference earlier this week, President Anastasiades, referred to Cyprus’ long-term strategy for shipping: “SEA Change 2030”.

He emphasized that Cyprus supports the shipping industry in its transition to a green and digital shipping by providing tax incentives, encouraging the use of alternative fuels by Cyprus flagged ships and providing funding to promote innovation.

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