Finland: Defence Forces to continue active training and exercises with partner countries

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Finland applied for membership in NATO in May 2022. Since then and even earlier, several key partner countries have shown their readiness to support Finland.

On 27 May 2022, Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen decided on supplementary training and exercises with partner countries for the rest of the year and during summer months, the Defence Forces was actively carrying out training with Finland’s key partner countries, especially the United States and the United Kingdom, in various parts of Finland.

The key objective of training and exercises carried out with close partners is to strengthen Finland’s defence capability and, with the presence of troops, to show concrete support to Finland.

Active training and exercises with partner countries will continue throughout the rest of the year and will involve the Army, Navy, Air Force and special forces. Most of the activities are carried out in Finland and they are integrated into national exercises, but in accordance with the principles of cross-border exercises, they may also take place in the partner countries’ territory, in the international sea area or international airspace. Some of the events scheduled towards the end of the year will be of a long duration.

Active training and exercises carried out in Finland with partner countries are a response to the deteriorating security situation while at the same time improving Finland’s readiness to join NATO.

More detailed information about training and exercises will be provided by the Defence Forces at a later point.

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