Iran to beef up naval firepower, increase surface-to-surface cruise missile

The domestically-built Damavand destroyer is passing its final tests, and would join the country's naval fleet on Nov. 28

The number of the surface-to-surface cruise missile launching systems on the destroyers of the Iranian navy will be doubled to eight, a top military commander said on Tuesday.

Given the progress achieved, the Iranian navy has currently no limit for equipping itself and expanding its units’ combat capabilities and preparedness, Commander of the Iranian navy Shahram Irani was quoted as saying by the semi-official Mehr News Agency.

He stressed that the homegrown Sahand destroyer is already equipped with eight surface-to-surface cruise missile launching systems.

Irani noted that the homegrown Nawab medium-range surface-to-air missile systems have already been installed on the country’s destroyers, while Sahand and other Iranian destroyers have been equipped with point-defense weapon systems.

The domestically-built Damavand destroyer is passing its final tests, and would join the country’s naval fleet on Nov. 28, he said.

Iranian destroyers will also be equipped with Abu Mahdi naval cruise missiles as well as missiles with longer ranges, which can function well in the electronic warfare, Irani added.

Earlier this week, the Iranian Army’s Ground Force started a three-day drill in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan.

The drill, titled the Battalion’s Role Model in Piranshahr County, is aimed at assessing and displaying the combat capabilities of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force.

Operations such as heliborne parachute, overnight raids, helicopter combat, control of communication roads, capture of heights and urban warfare are being carried out during the drill. In September, the Iranian Army’s Ground Force staged two-day military exercises in the central province of Isfahan to assess its preparedness in the face of new threats.

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