Australia has reported an almost 50 percent increase in new coronavirus cases

Australia has reported an almost 50 percent increase in new coronavirus cases amid warnings of a new wave of infections.

The federal Department of Health on Friday published its weekly update on COVID-19 in Australia, revealing there were an average of 7,809 new cases recorded per day over the last week.

It represents a 47 percent increase from the previous week, when there were an average of 5,300 new cases each day.

“Over the last week, 54,661 cases of COVID-19 were reported across Australia,” the department said in the update.

Danielle McMullen, vice president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), described the spike in cases as “alarming,” calling for the government to launch targeted campaigns countering health misinformation.

“We’re certainly seeing an alarming increase in cases over the past couple of weeks,” she told Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television on Friday.

“And so it really is important we’ve got that clear messaging out to people about steps they can take to reduce their chances of infection and to get treatment if they’re in those high risk groups that are eligible for COVID treatment.”

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Paul Kelly recently urged Australians to take additional precautions to maximize their protection.

“It’s very important Australians are aware that there is an increase in cases and there are some things people should consider doing,” he said.

“Wearing masks indoors, if sick, avoid going to high risk places and stay at home if possible.” ■

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