Finland to take 10 migrants from Ocean Viking

HELSINKI – Finland will take ten asylum seekers rescued by the Ocean Viking vessel that docked in France. Priority will be given to vulnerable asylum seekers.

France has accepted 238 people rescued by the Ocean Viking. The Ocean Viking is one of the three vessels carrying people rescued at sea, which first tried to land on the coast of Italy. This is the first time that a rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean has docked in France.

France has requested other countries, Finland among them, to take some of the rescued people. Voluntary relocation of asylum seekers is included in the solidarity measures which the Member States have decided to take as a consequence of the reform of the EU asylum system. Finland has experience of receiving asylum seekers who have been relocated within the EU.

At least 20,182 women, children, and men lost have their lives in the central Mediterranean since 2014.

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