Solomon Islands conducts post-quake impact assessment

Solomon Islands has established a disaster assessment to ascertain the scope and scale of impact after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the country on Tuesday.

Solomon Islands’ National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) said on Wednesday that the initial situation overview has been deployed at southwest Guadalcanal, where the capital of Honiara is located.

The NEOC team has also established communication with local communities to gather information on the disaster impacts and help support public awareness of after-shocks.

The earthquake, with the epicenter about 60 km southwest of Honiara, injured three people in Honiara, and triggered landslides in parts of Guadalcanal Province, the NEOC said.

Although no major impacts were reported yet, the authorities said some isolated impacts are expected to unfold as reports are gradually coming from communities.

As of 1:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday, a total of 38 aftershocks occurred with lower intensity, indicating the aftershocks are slowly decreasing and are expected to ease within days, according to the NEOC.

Local authorities said there were no significant signs of tsunami inundation observed from the coastal areas but warned about abnormal currents.

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