Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027: strategic plan of the Netherlands worth €4 billion approved

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plans of the Netherlands approved today represents a total EU budget of more than €4 billion, including €1.4 billion dedicated to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes, and €107 million to young farmers.

A fair distribution of financial support is one of the economic objectives of the Dutch CAP Strategic Plan. Farmers will receive a higher income support per hectare for their first 40 hectares. €17.5 million will be available every year to cover the costs of weather insurance for farmers so they can be compensated if their harvest is lost due to drought or flood.

The Dutch Plan also includes support for 3,000 young farmers to start a farm. The Netherlands will apply strict good agricultural and environmental conditions on more than 96% of its agricultural area. In addition to that, about €760 million will be used on more than 1.5 million hectares to encourage and support farmers in planting non-productive crops, implementing agricultural practices that protect the soil and reduce the use of nutrients and pesticides.

Support for rural development projects and businesses is expected to create around 2,500 jobs. Thanks to direct financial support, around 55,000 persons will benefit from advice, training or knowledge exchange related to environmental or climate-related performance.

The new Common Agricultural Policy, set to start on 1 January 2023, is designed to shape the transition to a sustainable, resilient and modern European agricultural sector. The CAP will benefit from €270 billion in funding for the 2023-2027 period.

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