Food security levels among refugees in Lebanon worrisome: UN

The levels of food security for refugees in Lebanon are extremely worrisome, said Abdallah AlWardat, World Food Program (WFP) Representative and Country Director in Lebanon, on Friday.

AlWardat’s remarks came in a report released by the United Nations Information Center on the preliminary findings of the 2022 Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, showing a continuing sharp decline in living conditions for all Syrian refugees.

“Syrian refugees are cutting down on meals; adults are eating less to allow their children to eat and are reducing expenditures on health and education to prioritize buying food,” the report said.

It added that “most refugee families have accumulated high debt, with the majority borrowing money to buy food and almost 87 percent of families listed food as their main priority followed by housing and healthcare.”

Ayaki Ito, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon, said while the UN refugee relief body and its partners continue to help the most vulnerable refugees and support Lebanon’s public institutions, including hospitals and municipalities, it is “far from enough.”

“More help for vulnerable refugees and Lebanese families is urgently needed, including support to Lebanese institutions to provide sustained basic services,” he said. ■

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