Cyprus: Food Aid to bring some relief to families in Dhekelia SBAs

DHEKELIA – The Sovereign Base Area Police’s Community Unit in Dhekelia will donate more than 50 food and essentials packages to families in need over the next week to help ease some of the financial pressures that the Christmas period brings to many.

The Food Aid project, which was launched after the Cyprus financial collapse in 2012, will see packages of dried and tinned foods and other essentials such as toothpaste, donated to families that are struggling this year.

Items for this latest round of donations were purchased with money raised at a recent football tournament between the SBA Police, SBA Customs and an Ethnikos Legends team.

During the tournament, members of the surrounding communities brought their donations, which have now been divided up, ready to be delivered discreetly by SBA Police officers to families which have been identified by local community councils.

Speaking this week, Sergeant Maria Mitsides, who heads up the SBA Police Community Unit, said it was great to see the people pulling together to help those in need over Christmas.

She explained: “It is very important that we as the SBA Police are able to help those in need all year round, but it is highlighted more at Christmas time as it is a period of celebration and giving. This places a lot of financial pressure on people and if we can help in any way, then we are so happy to do so.

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