Police chief awarded Overseas Territories Police Medal

(File: Famagusta Gazette)

SBA Police Chief Inspector Maria Atalioti has become one of the very first  people to have been awarded an Overseas Territories Police Medal by His majesty King Charles III on the New Year Honours List

As one of only two people to receive the award, Chief Inspector Atalioti is also the  first female to receive the honour from the King.

The prestigious award was given to the 25-year police veteran for her outstanding work and dedication to her job.

The Akrotiri-based chief inspector is the most senior female officer in SBA Police history and according to senior police chiefs, ’through intellect, professionalism, and a sheer determination to succeed, she has been exceptional and an outstanding role model to others’.

As the lead in equality, fairness and diversity  and an expert in  crisis and hostage negotiation, she has also established very strong relationships between the Bases and the RoC.

Speaking shortly after hearing the news, Chief Inspector Atalioti said: “I feel very honoured and privileged to receive such a prestigious award, which is part of the great team effort by all in the Sovereign Areas Police, supported by our Chief Constable Chris Eyre”.

“We will continue our commitment to equality, fairness and diversity, both within our Force and with our communities, ensuring a fully inclusive style of policing

“In order to deliver the best possible quality of service to our communities, I will continue to ensure our personnel are motivated, treating them fairly with respect and dignity and create an environment where they feel valued and proud to be part of the SBA Police family”.

The chief inspector also coordinated the last three Charity Cycle events organised by the SBA Police, which saw  more than €135,000  raised and donated to children suffering from cancer.

In reflecting on her contribution to the police force, Chief Constable, Chris Eyre was full of praise and delighted to see her receive the accolade.

He said: ”Maria is a remarkable senior police officer who combines her immense energy with prodigious policing skills to deliver exceptional services to our communities. I have seen first-hand the work she has done over the last six years to transform SBA Police and her tireless charitable work which makes such a difference to the lives of Cypriot children and families.

“I am proud to see His Majesty the King recognising her with the Overseas Territories Police Medal.”

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