UN envoy stresses importance of justice for achieving Libya’s reconciliation

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Libya Abdoulaye Bathily has stressed the importance of justice for achieving reconciliation in Libya.

The UN envoy made his remarks during a preparatory meeting for the Libyan National Reconciliation Conference, which is sponsored by the Libyan Presidency Council.

“Today I joined the Presidential Council, members of the African Union and international dignitaries at a preparatory meeting for the Libyan National Reconciliation Conference. I commended the participants for their leadership in coming together to promote national reconciliation,” Bathily tweeted.

“There can be no reconciliation in Libya without justice, without listening to each other. It is not a one-day event. It is a process that starts in villages and communities across the country, with people having genuine discussions about their differences and identifying solutions,” he added.

Bathily also stressed the full support of the UN Support Mission in Libya for the national reconciliation initiative.

“It is a crucial step to securing peace and stability. It is up to all Libyan leaders to come together and heal divisions and help build the prosperous future the people of this country want and deserve,” Bathily said.

A preparatory forum for the Comprehensive Conference of National Reconciliation concluded in Libya’s capital Tripoli after three days, with the participation of Bathily, Deputy President of the Presidency Council Abdullah Allafi, the Council’s Advisor for National Reconciliation Muhammad Hassan Al-Labat, and representatives of different Libyan parties. ■

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