Israeli hospital announces successful trials of ulcerative colitis treatment

Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital, has announced the successful results of clinical trials that confirmed the effectiveness of a naturally sourced treatment for ulcerative colitis (UC) patients who are unresponsive to conventional therapy.

UC is a chronic inflammatory condition of the colon and rectum, characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the innermost lining of the large intestine and rectum.

The trials, which were included in a study conducted by Sheba, demonstrated the significant benefits of curcumin and Qing Dai botanical combination in treating UC patients. The Qing Dai compound, extracted from the pigments of plants, was used by ancient Chinese physicians.

Results from a first open trial on 52 patients showed high effectiveness of the treatment, achieving clinical response in 70 percent of cases and clinical remission in 30 percent of cases, with no harmful side effects caused by the treatment in trials.

Then, a placebo-controlled trial achieved an even higher rate of 86 percent clinical response and 50 percent clinical remission.

“Pharmaceutical treatments for inflammatory bowel disease have become exceedingly costly, limiting patients’ access to treatments they need with ensuing increased morbidity,” the researchers said.

“Using affordable, evidence-based non-pharmaceutical remedies can help more patients access better health,” they concluded.

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