1974: Turkish Airlines Flight 301 crashes during takeoff

1974: Turkish Airlines Flight 301 crashes during takeoff from Izmir Cumaovası Airport, killing 66 of the 73 people on board the Fokker F28 Fellowship.

The aircraft spent the night prior to the accident outside in freezing temperatures, causing frost accumulation on the wings, which was unnoticed by the crew before departure. During takeoff, the pilots over-rotated the plane, causing it to stall, which together with the frost caused the aircraft to climb to just 8–10 metres (26–33 ft) before pitching down and veering left, crashing into the ground and subsequently catching fire.

In 1990, it was claimed that the accident was caused by two of the pilots being drunk. Autopsy results confirmed alcohol was found in the blood of the captain and flight engineer, but that it was not the cause of the accident.

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