Israeli-Palestinian clashes erupt in Jerusalem after anti-Israeli attacks

Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police erupted in Jerusalem Saturday night in the wake of two anti-Israeli attacks in the disputed holy city.

Israeli police entered Arab neighborhoods in the city looking for people who may have assisted the assailants in the previous attacks, sparking clashes with Palestinians.

On Friday evening, a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem shot dead seven Israelis and wounded three others. On Saturday morning, a 13-year-old Palestinian from the city shot at a group of Israelis, wounding two of them.

“The forces are encountering stone throwing, Molotov cocktails and fireworks,” said a police statement, adding the police’s increased operational readiness “will continue in the coming days.”

Footage on social media showed widespread firing of fireworks in several Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Also on Saturday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that a Palestinian assailant shot at a restaurant near the Dead Sea. There were no casualties and the shooter escaped from the scene.

Israeli media also reported the Israeli military entered the West Bank Palestinian city of Jericho. The details of the raid were unclear and it was not confirmed by the military.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a security cabinet meeting later Saturday to discuss the response to the latest events, vowing the response “will be strong, swift and precise.”

Earlier this week, a raid by the Israeli military in the West Bank city of Jenin resulted in the killing of nine Palestinians, triggering vows of revenge from Palestinian militant organizations.

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