Cruise line linking Libya and Tunisia launched

A cruise line between Libya and Tunisia was launched this week for the first time in over 11 years.

The launch ceremony of the cruise line was attended by the Minister of Transport Mohamed al-Shuhubi, the Tunisian Ambassador to Libya al-As’ad al-Ajli, and a number of senior Libyan officials, the Libyan Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

Efforts will be made in the future to launch several cruise lines from Libya to several neighboring countries, the statement added.

“The Libyans were waiting for the launch of this cruise line for over a decade. The first trip will be from (the capital) Tripoli to (Tunisia’s) Zarzis. We are working to launch cruise lines to Malta, Morocco, and Egypt,” Ala al-Sokni, director of the Tripoli marine passenger station, said.

Two years ago, the Libyan government launched a cruise line between Libya and Turkey for the first time in over 20 years, a step aimed at promoting the partnership between the two countries’ public and private sectors, according to the Ministry of Transport. ■

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