HKSAR team rescues 4 survivors during its 9-day mission in Türkiye

A rescue team sent by China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has successfully rescued four survivors during its nine-day mission in quake-stricken Türkiye, the team’s leader said Monday.

Yiu Men-yeung, commander of the HKSAR search and rescue team, told media that during the nine days, the HKSAR rescue team searched 32 to 40 buildings and carried out checks in 13 zones with a total area of about 28,550 square meters.

Yiu said this is the first time the HKSAR rescue team cooperated with the national rescue team from the Chinese mainland, which had provided rich and valuable experience in search and rescue operations to the HKSAR rescue team.

On Feb. 6, a strong earthquake struck southern Türkiye near the Syrian border, causing heavy casualties.

The HKSAR government sent the search and rescue team of 59 members, including officials from various departments such as security, fire services, immigration and health, to the disaster affected areas on Feb. 8.

The HKSAR rescue team arrived in Beijing on a chartered flight together with the national rescue team on the night of Feb. 16 and returned to Hong Kong on Feb. 17. ■

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