Ukraine’s grain output falls, figures show

Ukraine’s grain production and exports declined sharply last year amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, an industry body said Friday.

In 2022, Ukraine’s grain output fell 37 percent to 53.9 million tons mainly due to the seizure of the Ukrainian territories by Russia, combat actions, and contamination of farmlands with landmines, the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) said in a report.

The exports of grain from Ukraine fell 24 percent to 38.4 million tons last year due to the partial blockade of the seaports, the main export routes for the cereals, the report said.

According to it, Ukraine’s oilseeds production was down 24 percent to 17.5 million tons last year, while their exports more than doubled to 7.9 million tons.

Ukraine is expected to have a grain harvest of about 49.5 million tons this year, according to the latest government estimates.


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