WHO gives Zambia 285,000 USD to support cholera response

A boy receives an oral cholera vaccine in the town of Muhammara, Akkar Governorate, in northern Lebanon, on Nov. 12, 2022. A national vaccination campaign against cholera was launched on Saturday in northern Lebanon, which was hit hard by the disease over the last several weeks, the health ministry announced in a statement.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday released 285,000 U.S. dollars to support Zambia’s response to the cholera outbreak.

The funds will help ensure that lives continue to be saved and a resilient health system is maintained during and beyond the current outbreak.

In a statement, the WHO office in Zambia said it was working with the health ministry to put in place interventions that will protect people and limit the spread of the outbreak to other districts.

“Cholera outbreaks are of great concern to us, especially that cholera is preventable and Zambia has the right preventative tools in place,” Nathan Bakyaita, the WHO Representative in Zambia said in the statement.

He said the funds will help the WHO and other partners to scale up priority response activities to effectively monitor and control the outbreak, adding that the WHO will continue to support the health ministry in implementing immediate and long-term cholera control, response, and preventive measures.

Zambia announced its latest outbreak of cholera in the eastern Vubwi district on Jan. 26 this year. Since then, the water-borne disease has spread to five districts, having affected 191 people and caused four deaths. ■

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