Denmark generates record amount of green energy in 2022

Solar panels and wind turbines generated a “new green record” of 21.2 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in Denmark in 2022, 22 percent more than in 2021, the Confederation of Danish Industry’s (DI) Energy Department said on Thursday.

“In Denmark, solar cells and wind turbines have never produced as much electricity as in 2022,” Troels Ranis, industry director at DI Energy, said in a press release.

Citing data from the Danish Energy Agency, DI said that wind turbines produced 19 TWh of electricity in 2022 and solar photovoltaics 2.2 TWh. In 2021, 17.3 TWh were generated by solar and wind combined.

“Not only do wind turbines and solar cells produce cheap and green electricity for consumers in Denmark, they also contribute to the green transition in Europe. It’s a win-win,” Ranis said.

He said that Denmark exported more energy and imported less in 2022 than a year earlier.

According to DI Energy, the industry generated enough “green electricity” for 5.3 million households in 2022, up from nearly one million in 2021.

“It gives hope for the future. But if we are to have enough green power to supply the increased consumption by 2030, it requires a fivefold increase of the current electricity generation from renewable energy sources,” Ranis said. ■

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