Cyclone Yaku aggravates extreme rain conditions in northern Peru

Cyclone Yaku is causing heavy rains in several coastal regions of northern Peru, a specialist with the country’s National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi) said Thursday.

“The cyclone is adding to the extreme rainfall conditions … on the northern coast,” generating floods especially in the departments of Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque, Benito Valderrama told radio and TV broadcasting company Radio Programas del Peru.

“These rains are going to continue. Senamhi is regularly issuing weather warnings. We have a weather warning in effect until March 11,” he said.

The cyclone “is not going to become a hurricane,” but could rather dissipate as it will move toward the southwest where water temperatures are colder, he said.

On Tuesday, Senamhi reported an unusual “cyclone with tropical characteristics” present off the northern and central coast of Peru.

The cyclone is also expected to intensify rains in the departments of La Libertad, Lima and Ancash, especially in the middle basins of the Pacific Slope, in the coming days. ■

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